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Welcome to BPM Bathrooms. A Family run business with a combined experience of over 75 years in Bathrooms, Kitchens & Renovations.

We offer a Free consultation service at your property. We work with our Designer to create inspirational ideas for your bathroom or kitchen - Design, Supply & Installation.

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When you come to BPM Bathrooms, we will provide you with a comprehensive bathroom renovation service.

From bathroom design and planning to fitting and finishing touches, we can take care of everything.

BPM offers luxurious space saving ideas with at a budget to suit.
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The team at BPM went the extra mile for every stage of our kitchen & bathroom installations. From design to finish and beyond, we cannot speak highly enough of their people, products and service.

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When you come to BPM Bathrooms, we will provide you with a comprehensive bathroom renovation service. From bathroom design and planning to fitting and finishing touches, we can take care of everything.
Our Designer is able to help our Clients to visualize and bring our ideas to life with beautiful images for your new bathroom or kitchen. We offer a Free consultation service at your property. We work with our Designer to create inspirational ideas for your bathroom or kitchen space by offering a Design Supply and Installation of your bathroom or kitchen.


We don't just stop at bathroom design and installation; we also offer a range of other services from our showroom in Battersea, South West London to match your requirements. These include:
• Installation of boilers and central heating systems
• Creating wet rooms and en-suites
• Painting and decorating
• Flooring
• Complete refurbishments


All work is carried out by our fully qualified and highly experienced team. And, as you would expect, we will also provide all the necessary certification you need upon project completion. For an insight into the designer bathrooms we can create for you, visit our showroom in Battersea, South West London. Here you’ll find a variety of designer bathrooms to suit every home and budget. Alternatively, contact us online or call 020 7738 9475 for more information about what we can do for you.

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From design to completion Specialist in Walk in Showers

At BPM Bathrooms, we carry out all associated interior works including all Electrical, and Gas with the appropriate certifications which can provided as required.

We specialise in creating, supplying and fitting luxurious Designer bathrooms and Kitchens by our very passionate and experienced Staff
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At BPM Bathrooms we are proud of all of the designer bathroom projects we take part in. We take care of all of the finer details to ensure your bathroom is exactly what you wanted. We are passionate about excellent customer service from our showroom in Battersea, South West London. If you require more information then give our friendly team a call.

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Happy clients are crucial to the success of our business. Their positive referrals speak for themselves.

Listening to client feedback and implementing changes will lead to even more satisfied customers, who will continue to do business with us.

A fabulous experience with BPM. The team is very knowledgeable and thorough. First class ideas and solutions! Thank you

Chris M Battersea

Our bathrooms have transformed our home. The quality of the furniture, advice and workmanship has been exceptional.

Perrianne G Wandsworth

BPM supplied and fitted my new bathroom and Kitchen and bi-fold doors to the garden area. In addition they built me a utility room. I simply left them to it. The team was incredible, so much so that I asked them to fully decorate the remainder of my home.

Debbie C Clapham

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Here at BPM Bathrooms, a family run business with a combined experience of over 75 years in the world of all things Bathrooms, Kitchens and Renovations, we've achieved some significant numbers with the help of our amazing clients and wonderful team.

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A Family run business with a combined experience of over 75 years. BPM Bathrooms & Kitchens

BPM was founded in 1996 as "Battersea Plumbers Merchants". Over the years BPM has grown and evolved as a business and company when it comes to contemporary bathroom and designer kitchen installation and design. Through the dedication of our team, the standards we have in place, paying attention to details, the customer care we provide and quality of suppliers we work with, we have become the primary choice for clients looking for a new bathroom, walk in showers and features such as wet rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom but feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices and options available?

Don't worry! BPM's Frequently Asked Questions about bathroom design and fitting can help you navigate this process. From choosing the right layout to selecting the fixtures and fittings, this guide will provide you with the answers to some of the most common questions that arise during the bathroom renovation process.

Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or enlisting the help of a professional, understanding the basics of bathroom design and fitting can save you time and money in the long run. So let's dive in and explore these FAQs to help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Areas covered are all SW London Postcodes and Central London. Key areas are Putney Barnes Wandsworth Battersea Balham Clapham Fulham Chelsea Kensington Pimlico and Westminster

At the Luxurious end of the bathroom world, one should factor in that as a starting point to budget for most a figure of north of £12,000 pounds. Many people simply forget that 20% of the cost is simply the Vat. While for some of our B2L Clients, a project can cost as little as £12,000. For most of customers, who are looking for that something different and who are keen to get the best of their space with a perhaps a walk- in shower and a bathroom that is fully tiled from floor to ceiling, they would typically look at a figure of closer to £20,00 for from a completed project inclusive of all the bathroom fittings and tiles.

Ideally go for a recommendation and should one not be available, look for someone local to you and a company that you feel comfortable with who based on their experience,  See if they are able to provide you with examples of their work that may additionally inspire you but also be able to provide you an idea of the quality of their work and experience. 
It is important typically not to simply go for the cheapest option that may be provided to you, but one that is able to offer you peace of mind and a good sense of value for your budget.
The cost of fittings / bathroom products can vary hugely.  There are very many suppliers on the market and at BPM we help guide you through what can be at times, too much choice. Key factors are the size of the bathroom and what you are trying to achieve in that space and the calibre of fittings as there is simply so much choice. BPM will guide you each step of the way, but as an indication for a small bathroom, to purchase the everything for the new bathroom, including tiles one should expect to budget around £5000 as a good starting point. With a larger bathroom and perhaps also a walk-in shower, one should expect to budget anything upwards of £10,000 and always allowing for 20% for the Vat.
The Labour element of your new bathroom will vary also, depending on the specification of works and what is the end goal – Budget bathroom or Dream Bathroom
Clarity of individual  items listed for your bathroom is important as there are surprisingly a number of small individual items that make up the bathroom – mostly from different manufacturers that most people are simply unaware off. It is important to note that whatever your budget and wherever you may be on the spectrum of a cloakroom refurbishment Or the dream bathroom that you may have been saving for and is comfortable within your budget, it is good to know what and where your hard earned cash is going.  At BPM, we provide a detailed detailed list of everything that has been agreed upon for your bathroom project and all the associated fitting costs that are more often than not where the larger share of your budget will be allocated. 
We provide a fixed cost of works agreed in advance with a simple payment plan ( from start to finish) to allow for clarity and openness from the outset.  Any Extras based on a change to the original specification can and should be clear and costed accordingly to ensure transparency – at BPM, we do just that, so there are no hidden surprises later.
Most people struggle to understand the time element of the work. Why does it take so long and cost so much is often the question-  Put simply while usually the smallest space in your home, there is a suprising amount of work that is required and skills involved. At times this include a new ceiling with new insulation and running of new electrics for new lights, throughout with possibility of under floor heating with the existing floor that may require levelling out as the property may be of a certain build period, all new plumbing, additional timber work for the walls, possible of some bespoke cabinetry to a fully tiled bathroom from floor to ceiling.
For the smaller bathroom a time frame of close to 2.5 / 3 weeks should be allowed and a longer period if the bathroom is much larger. 
The level of tiling in the bathroom and what is being created in that space is ultimately going to determine the time frame. A Bathroom that is being fitted with a freestanding bath and a walk-in shower area is obviously going to take more time due to the additional level of work involved. 
 If a bathroom space is being created where there is none currently, it can vary from project to project.
Simply put -NO. Anyone who suggest otherwise would be misleading you. Due to the restricted space and level of work involved in typically a restricted amount of space, it is even challenging to get a bathroom refurbished from start to finish in a week. On very rare occasions, perhaps a bathroom for an au-pair or maybe some of our Landlord clients, who are looking for a complete refurbishment with the minimum of fuss and spend, BPM do carry out projects but while the finished bathroom would be renovated, it would not be what most of our clients would expect of us.
In the same way we would not visit a GP after an initial diagnosis, our homes also require specialist attention. An experienced bathroom fitter is worth his weight in gold and not easy to come by. At BPM all our teams of fitters are incredibly experienced in their specific designated field or very multi skilled trades people.  Wherever required for work on Gas or Electrics, as one should expect, we provide our clients with the appropriate accreditation by Gas Safe or NICEIC registration.
Depending on which Estate agent or research you turn to the answer may vary some. More all would agree a new bathroom is often key in selling a property and many would agree that a luxurious bathroom would add around 4 to 5% of the value of the property and be key in a prospective buyer’s decision prior to a purchase. In London, research suggest that newly renovated bathrooms add anywhere from £20 to £50,000 on the value of the property.

More often that not a minimum of 2/3 weeks should be factored in. Most people simply dont realise what is involved
For the best results, it is important to plan well

Managing Peoples expectations are important and Not just rely on what they have seen online or a social media page. It is about what is best for the space and how or who the bathroom is being used for. Also to be realistic about Budgets and space.